Mr. Bhageyshrai Gyanswaroop Bhatnagar, Managing Director of the Company

He is a science graduate & completed his graduation in Performing Arts in the area of Acting, Direction, Settings, Make-up & production from M. S. University, Baroda, Gujarat in the year 1991-92. He is a Technical qualified professional having vide experience of 16 year in the field of productions of Theatre, TV serial, Ad Films, Documentary Films, Educational Films & Feature Films. He started his career as an Actor and turned to be a successful Producer and Director. With his expertise he has directed around 14 TV serials, 30 AD Films 15 Documentaries and Educational Films. Because of his unique creative ideas his name was short listed by Commonwealth Secretariat, London (CAPAM) to Direct and Produce educational films in the area of Management and Public Administration. He looks after the Creative & Technical aspect of Productions in the Company.


Mr. Deepak Mehta is a Independent Director of the Company.

He has wide experience of around twenty four years as Financial Advisor. He started his career as a share Broker and turned his career to Financial Advisor. He has rendered his expertise as Financial Advisor to many big Corporate. He is the Chairman of Audit Committee, Nomination & Remuneration Committee and member of Stakeholders Relationship Committee in the Company

Mrs. Meena Jayesh Vora, Independent Director

She is a qualified Bachelor in Commerce having wide experience in accounts and financial services. She is Promoter & Director of AOG Automotive Private Limited a company into the business of developing heavy vehicle bodies. She has been inducted as a Additional Independent Women Director of the Company on 28th March 2015. She is appointed as Chairman of Stakeholders Relationship Committee and is the member of Audit, Nomination & Remuneration Committee in the Company.


Mr. Badri Prasad Joshi is a Non-Executive-Independent Director of the Company.

He is Graduate in Commerce having experience of above 4 years in the field of marketing and also having inbuilt ability of handling the responsibilities related to accounting and administration.


Smt. Riddhi Kamlesh Damani is a Non-Executive-Independent-Woman Director of the Company.

She is BA, Graduate having wide experience of above 6 years in the field of Personnel & Finance Department and of handling the responsibilities related to human resources.


Mr. Arvind Raviya Rajput is a Non-Executive Director of the Company.

He is Commerce Graduate and is having five years experience in Finance & Administration.


Mr. Suresh Vekaria, DIRECTOR & CFO of the company.

He is a qualified Textile Technologist and is having a vide experience of 24 years in the area of Administration, Market & Finance. He started his career as an administration officer and in the year 1986 came out with his first IPO which was a great success. After retiring from the Board he started looking after Markets and became financial consultant. He then started giving his expertise consultancy in the IPO’s and simultaneously he gave advises in the area of administration & finances to several Corporate. With his professional expertise he was looking after the Company’s Administration and Marketing. Looking to his expertise in finances Company has appointed him as Chief Financial Officer from 15th July 2015 and is now Key Managerial Person in the Company.